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Golden - Jessi Kirby There are books that leave you feeling breathless, then there are the ones that leave you feeling overwhelmed. The ones that leaves you restless like a thought that has come to a halt after reaching a point of realization and words that die on your lips. Golden left me feeling all three of these and more. So much more. A 'love and a question.'Each chapter begins with a line from a poem, the words just enough to travel inside the words written on the page. The beautiful, beautiful words which made me fall in love with the book. I've always been attached to words. Silence is something which will always be something you put in a corner and pick it up from time to time. But words, words are alive, the center of the being. Especially written words because they're a mixture of silence and sound. The words of Julliana Farnetti.Parker Frost is someone I could've been a few years back if I haven't gathered my bearings and took a stand to study something in life that I wanted to instead of just driving myself crazy in order to become a doctor. It's just something I thought I needed to become so I completely understand the choices she makes and why.However, Parker is one of those who needs proof they can see and feel before they can believe in something. It is stupid yes, but for certain things in life, it's all you need. A shock, a trigger, a flash and belief is there. Just like Kat's believe in carpe diem. Kat, the one I admire so much. She's one of those people who make you realize that it's okay not to be perfect and do your own thing. A reminder like that never hurts because really, it is all about seizing the day which cannot be done if we're acting on choices others make for us.In between Parker's hesitation and Kat's boldness in life, Trevor Collins proved to be awesome. Really, there is no other word to describe him. His words are full of smiles and are true to the core. He's substantial and real and yin to Parker's yang. Chasing after the mystery of the love that was, it's beautiful to read about the love that could be.Golden is one of those books that do more than just tell a story. They change something inside of you. As I read Golden, I was reminded that poems are essential in life. They're the fire and ice of words in life. And in the end, 'nothing gold can stay.' But y'know what? I'm glad the words of Golden will forever stay inside me.