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Everneath - Brodi Ashton I went into Everneath with a very particular mindset: I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary. I added it on my to-read list because of the mythology aspect as the story of Persephone and Hades is so intriguing. However, Everneath surprised me. A lot. Brodi Ashton captured the essence of the characters perfectly. I could feel the emotions that made Nikki go over the edge. I could feel Jake's hurt and I just couldn't bring myself to hate Cole.At the beginning of Everneath, Nikki is waking up after lying in an uncomfortable position for a long time. She doesn't want to let go yet a face is compelling her to. It made me curious. I like reading books where the main character's fate is already written and the story is really a story of accepting that fate. Redemption, regret and the desire to make everything right drove Nikki. The core of Everneath is what humans go through: realizing the value of something after it's gone.Nikki is a complex character from the very beginning. Life has been tragic for her and she had to get away. The backstory is told in pieces; what happened in the past is synced with what's happening in Nikki's life now. It provided a refreshing perspective on how Nikki's life took such a sharp turn. From having a whole life to feeling empty of emotions. I just felt that more focus should've been put on Nikki's best friend, Jules.Jack is the one who got left behind. He acts pretty normal when he sees Nikki after six months. He went through a hard time when Nikki disappeared but Nikki doesn't know that. Their relationship dynamic is done so beautifully by Brodi Ashton: there are questions, there's hurt, there's love but there's also patience. The true love of Eurydice and Orpheus shines through in Everneath.Cole is as dark and hell bent on convincing as they come but he isn't broody. He has accepted the sacrifice of humans in order for the Everlivings to survive which is where Nikki disagrees with him. I understood where he was coming from and how he tried to stop Nikki from spiraling into the Everneath with him in the beginning. So I know he's just looking out for himself. However, I could feel his defences lowering when it came to Nikki. He's deep that way.Everneath is beautiful. The writing sucked me in, all the emotions in the book overwhelmed me and the characters felt real. The character of Mary was perfect the way it was and she added a little more substance to the essence of Everneath. A fantastic start to a series! Brodi Ashton weaved a perfect modern day mythological story. I'm glad to have read it. More, please.