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Blackout (Warner Forever)

Blackout (Warner Forever) - Annie Solomon Black Out reveals stuff that you wouldn't get to know normally and these kind of books are my favorite. Every sentence of the book had me hooked!

The book starts from a woman who seems to wake up sweating and goes for a walk. It is still dark outside but her senses are trained to work in the darkest of the dark hours. She senses someone close by following her and attacks. She gets more surprised than the one being attacked.

Then the story goes much deeper where she is a suspect killer but doesn't remember the last four weeks of her life. Someone wants her dead and soon. She is helped by a man who himself doesn't seem to decide what exactly is the story of the protagonist but helps her anyway.

The plot was intriguing and impressive. A good book with a dose of romance along with suspense and action. I would highly recommend it.