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Reached (Matched Trilogy Book 3)

Reached - Ally Condie Matched. The book I bought as a birthday present to myself. Then I came to know that it was a trilogy and that 2012 is so far away; but I read it anyway. Dystopia is a genre that was introduced to me by Ally Condie and I found that it gave me so many urges. To hold a pen. Write on paper. Eat cake. Wear beautiful clothes. To skip school. Lick ice cream from a cone. To climb a hill. To run and run far away. Just to make sure that I can, that no one is there to stop me.

It was exhilarating to read Matched. It progressed at a perfect level so that I came to expect the ways of the Society. Of Cassia's world. The perfect world where there is no free will. The poem which made Cassia realize what was really missing in her life. Its words felt too real and they strive to become etched on her mind. "Do not go gentle into the night."

Matched gave me an utterly breathtaking experience. The ever quiet and silently rebellious Ky. The beautiful and kind Xander. And Cassia torn in between a choice. In reality, she never had one to begin with. But then why did it seem like there was one?

Ky has a story to tell and Cassia is ready to listen to it. What will be the price of such a choice when it is forbidden to go against the Society? To be given an infraction. Ally Condie is a genius to create such a world and I anxiously look forward to reading Crossed.