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The Notebook

The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks My first Nicholas Sparks book; it makes a subtle gesture about life as we would like to know and experience it. Everything about this book is true; every element is a part of our lives; though not all together at the same time. Noah and Allie are two characters who share a summer of love once and are unable to get each other off their minds for a long time to come.

Noah sends her Allie a letter everyday in the hope of a reply but stops when a year passes by and he gets no response. Allie is devastated and refuses to believe that what they shared was anything less than extraordinary. But when she is about to get married, she sees the house Noah wanted to buy and renovate and she knows she has to know the answers. She takes off to find Noah and to come to terms with the love they shares. Noah and Allie are in for a surprise when they meet after so many years.

All of it clicks together somehow; the misunderstanding, the uncertainty, the anticipation and the exhilarating feeling when doing something you are afraid to but must to go on. All of it added up to the beauty of the story. I especially loved the very last part of the book; the belief and hope that made it all so worth it in the end. The book was very engaging and even now I read parts of it from time to time.

A very simple but intricate tale in every aspect possible; it is one of my favorite books and possibly the best of Nicholas Sparks, as well. It was more than just a love story and I loved the whole concept of the notebook as something significant. It is about not letting go of love even if you are 80 years old.