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Brida: A Novel (P.S.)

Brida - Paulo Coelho It's more of a spiritual and religious journey rather than a story about Brida. It wasn't at all as I expected it to be. It wasn't Paulo Coelho's best work, for sure. I just couldn't relate to the story or the character.

The first few chapters were well written; when she spent the night in the forest and learned about the Tradition of the Moon and the Tradition of the Sun. But after that there was another female character who told Brida the things she had to do. Those weren't explained well at all.

I just kind of dragged to the end of the book and was a little bit disappointed. Anyhow, other people might find that whole witch thing engaging but I just didn't.

The best parts that I enjoyed reading were the conversations between Brida and the Magus. Also some of the ones she had with Lorens regarding science and religion. But the book lacked something.