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Stress & The City (Harlequin Flipside)

Stress & the City - Stephanie Rowe From the first scene in the book, I was hooked. It started off with the protagonist's first social appearance at a party after her honeymoon. Alone. Too add fire to the flame, her ex-fiancé is also present at the party and before he can come to her and give her his so-called apology; she grabs the guy standing closest to her for a kiss.

It works wonders. Not only her ex-fiancé is red-faced, the kiss definitely proves to be hotter than expected. But this hit-and-run case turns out to be more than just that. She finds out that the guy she so bravely and thoughtlessly kissed is her client. She is a stress-management consultant and her client is truly needs to know how to handle stress.

In all, the book is a fun read and spirals down to something more than just overcoming one's previous relationships. It is about chocolate, pizza, getting over the fact that he might be already in love and the super BFF. I thoroughly enjoyed it.