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Oppression (Children of the Gods) (Volume 1)

Oppression - Jessica Therrien Once in a while you get to read a book that completely and utterly takes your breath away. Oppression was that kind of a book for me. It is just perfect the way it is and I never expected it to be so good. I am so glad I got to read it! Elyse and William, the protagonists, go through such character development that it is astounding to see them grow to adjust in a flow.

Elyse is such a beautiful name for the heroine (although, I read in an interview of the author that at first, it was supposed to be Ruth which, in my opinion, is equally beautiful). Whereas, William is the kind of a guy who has a perfect combination of everything from emotions to the take on life. I love it when the characters offer an aura of mystery and depth to the reader. I could actually feel why Elyse did what she does and why William thought like he did. The rest of the characters gave a little to the story as well and build it up so well that it felt good to read about them all. I actually am in anticipation of how things will go for the Descendants from now.

The prophecy and the oppression that has been a part of life for the likes of her makes things dangerous for Elyse, William and the others. But is Elyse willing to play by their rules? Think again because she's one hell of a tough girl when she wants to be. I never liked a female protagonist more than I like Elyse. William is charming and a perfect hero to read about. I liked reading about the scenes involving the persuasion.

I took Mythology a year back but reading Oppression made me fall in love with it all over again and seeing what Jessica Therrien did with it is just awe-inspiring. I never could stop reading and well, I finished the latter half in a single sitting! Each of the powers are so creatively though up from their respective ancestors that it is very enjoyable to read about them.

Oppression is a beautiful start to an awesome series and it offers so much potential to grow in a universe of its own. The ending is just perfect and is a complete story as far as the first book goes. Jessica Therrien created a universe that I would love to read about. A new favorite of mine, and one of the bests 2012 has to offer, I highly recommend Oppression to fans of young adult fantasy.