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ReVamped: (Angel Creek Book 1)

ReVamped - Ada Adams ReVamped is a fast-paced book that brings a lot of novelty and uniqueness in the vampire genre. The synopsis called for a simple mission which had gone deadly and the book did not disappoint. It started out with a 19-year-old protagonist who has lived her life training as a vampire warrior. But do not be misled; the year is 2015 and the world has gone through a huge shift and headed straight into The Vampire Age.

Vampires have recently been accepted as part of the society and so have become vastly popular. However, there are laws that a vampire cannot feed on humans or turn them so as not to lose the exclusivity that comes with being a vampire. With Dawn's father working as the US Vampire President, Dawn is a Born meaning that her blood is more potent than a Made vampire. Like his father.

The world-building drew me in what with blood being a commercially available food in the form of Blood Cola to Blood Vodka and other bloody snacks. Garlic actually protects vampires against the sun and the blood of a vampire is poison to another weakening them. Moreover, I loved the fact that Ada did not hesitate to show that vampires could also be imperfect creatures. It was a refreshing perspective to read about four trainees who are completely unsuited for the role of guardians of Angel Creek.

Dawn has lived her entire life training to become the best and the best her father could do on a parental level has been too surprising for both of them; like a pat on the shoulder that one time. Dawn has always felt more at home with tank top and jeans than a flowery dress and being brought up under the care of a nanny, Dawn is a one tough heroine.

It all starts when the demand of vampires as celebrities increases and the Fab Five decides to ditch as the guardians of Angel Creek to try out as actors in Hollywood. Dawn's father sends her on her first mission of training the four vampires in the town of Angel Creek to be the next guardians. To her surprise, an recurrent high school blonde cheerleader, an incorrigibly drunk band player, a timid librarian and a 16-year-old newly turned vampire by said blonde cheerleader are more apart in personalities than deemed possible.

So how does Dawn accomplish what she has set out for? A sexy bartender, Ethan, has intrigued Dawn as have the the fifth vampire in Angel Creek, Sebastian, who wants nothing to do with the team of guardians? ReVamped is a hilarious, emotional and adventure-filled book about Dawn and the life she once knew to be no longer the same. The best part? It is just the beginning. You so do not want to miss out on an awesome take on vampires!