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Embrace - Cherie Colyer Embrace dives straight into the heart of the story from the get-go. Madison is not sure she likes change so when her BFF, Kaylee, tells her to get ready to go to a life-changing party; she's not sure she likes the sound of that. But she goes and her life does take a turn for good when she meets Isaac. More than that, she feels static current pass through her when their skins touch. The same happens with his father when she shakes his hand.

Madison is a character who is still pining for her ex-boyfriend who relocated across the country. She still have feelings for Kevin and regularly catches up with him. Kaylee thinks Madison needs to move on and so she relays how Matt have a crush on her and she could at least give a chance to Isaac.

Things change when Kaylee turns semi-schizophrenic and Madison just knows that it isn't anything medical. Research leads her to believe that dark magic is involved and she accidentally embraces her power in the desperation to prove that Kaylee is not a lunatic who sees invisible creatures coming to kill her.

In time, Isaac and Josh, Kaylee's boyfriend help Madison. Matt's advances become nothing short of deadly and Kevin arrives for a visit. A showdown is just waiting to happen around the corner and someone is not very happy. And what does Emma and Paige have to do with any of this?

In all, the best thing about Embrace is that, though it will be a series, it is a complete story. I really liked how emotions flow into the bodies and can be felt. Moreover, Madison's conflict over Isaac and her relationship with Kevin is dealt with such maturity that I was thoroughly engrossed.

Embrace is a different kind of paranormal than from what I usually read and I am going to admit that I really liked reading it. It definitely would be awesome to learn more about Isaac and his powers and how Madison's is progressing with hers. A fun, yet emotional, Embrace is for fans of paranormal with a dash of mystery and fun on the side.