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Marked - Jennifer Snyder You can read my review of Marked and also enter its two giveaways on my blog artsy musings of a bibliophile.

Before I say anything about Marked, I would like to admit that I don't like werewolves as much as I like other paranormal creatures like vampires, witches, revenants or zombies. That being said, reading Marked totally changed my view of werewolves. They are nothing short of awesomeness and Marked showed me exactly how much!

I adore Tessa Morganton, she is the embodiment of impulsiveness, she likes the thrill of adrenaline running through her veins. But she doesn't know it yet. Life is pretty normal in the small town of Breckwater for Tessa. Well, apart from small occasional bursts of jealousy from her boyfriend, Sam and her weird dreams about werewolf bites. But then things literally take a turn for change as soon as Jace Fowler steps into the diner Tessa works at.

Jace is an excitingly mysterious character. He has the charming act perfected to a tee, but he is honest and somewhat troubled at the same time. Pretty complex, if you ask me. He is very full of himself at times and more confident than Tessa have ever been. The chemistry between Tessa and Jace is there from the first moment they meet which surprises Jace. Then he sees Tessa's birthmark. And he lives in the creepy house owned by his uncle.

The subplots in the book, such as the boyfriend Sam and the role of Tessa's parents and Jace's cousins were perfectly balanced. Sam is a difficult person to deal with and for Tessa he became a bad habit she found difficult to break out of. Tessa's mom, on the other hand, doesn't really like Jace. I couldn't figure out exactly why was that. Tessa's best friend, Rachel, is an easygoing character in the book who never really took things too seriously.

Marked is a fast-paced book and so there's always something happening in it. I like that in books and I managed to finish it in one sitting! I would highly recommend Marked to readers of young adult paranormal books. Changed will be releasing in June 2012 and I can't want for it to be released!