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Intuition - J. Meyers Intuition is a prequel novella to Intangible and it's very short. The synopsis of Intangible had me intrigued and when I discovered that it has a free prequel, I was all for it!

I am glad I read Intuition, the whole concept seems very different from the usual paranormal young adult books out there and the covers are pretty, too. Intuition started off with Luke feeling the impending doom and urging the feeling to take over him. He can see the future. He and Sera, his twin sister, then start out for their traditional hike to Mt. Mansfield where Luke has two visions. The first takes some healing from Sera while, the second vision terrifies Luke.

Who was the person Luke saw in his vision? And why doesn't he want to tell Sera about it, yet? This is what Intangible would answernd I am hoping, it would be with a dash of some action!