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The Shapeshifter's Secret

The Shapeshifter's Secret - Heather Ostler The Shapeshifter's Secret promised me a world unlike anything I have ever read about and it delivered. The concept is very original and the story has a way of sucking you into it. I manage to finish it in a single sitting! Julia is a very likable character, her overprotective father and his rules have limited Julia from involving herself in normal teenage activities.

The book begins with Julia thinking about the complex personality of Caleb, the new student. But her anger issues are more disturbing for her. Julia seems to be losing her temper whenever she isn't satisfied with the answers she wants. She almost feels herself turning into an unknown creature when her father, Lancer, refuses to tell her much about her mother.

Then Sierra has been acting strange lately and her father decided to put bars on her windows. Seriously? The only good thing about her life seems to be the arrival of Liam, her uncle. But then she overhears a strange conversation between her father and Lance.

Things start to get more strange for Julia when she loses her temper in class and almost attacks a student. She even shapeshifts once but Caleb saves her from trouble. Her father then finally decides to reveal what Julia really is and her lineage.

Fast-forward into Ossai which is really Julia's home and the subsequent enrollment in Lockham. Julia is also disappointed in Caleb but finds a love interest in Terence, one of the captains of the Soldier Union. There Julia also discovers the truth about her mother and the people who depend on her to make things right in Ossai. Is Julia ready to tackle with their enemy, the Guild?

The Shapeshifter's Secret is a fast-paced and action-packed book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a spectacular new series from Heather Ostler. One I am sure the readers of paranormal genre wouldn't want to miss out on. A debut author to look out for!