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The Godfather

The Godfather - Peter Bart, Robert Thompson, Mario Puzo The Godfather has proved to be one of those novels whose characters deal with violence, sex and crime as if it were second nature to their species. I always knew the basic details of the book, being such a famous movie adaptation as it is; I knew I couldn't miss reading it.

However, I found out that I was wrong about the role of The Godfather, the Don Vito Corleone. In fact, he proved to be one of those characters who are unpredictable even in death. This was not the glazed-over fiction laced with useless drama or even trivial sensual details. The Godfather presented a true and clear picture of how it all works in the world of the Mafia. In that, it ringed true to its essence.

Mario Puzo has a distinct writing style; he doesn't really make the reader know how grave the situation is until it arrives. This made me enjoy reading it. The division of the book into nine smaller books reminded me of Sidney Sheldon's novels; in a good way. I always think that parts in a novel forces the story into compartments making it uninteresting.

The novel taught me about the significance of values and omerta to the Sicilians. What I didn't like was the role of women in the novel, but then it is their culture. Or was. In truth, the whole novel is an epic journey of the Corleones; it is not confined to The Godfather alone and the inclusion of all the various characters were truly justified.

In all, The Godfather attended to everything in the world which is gruesome, vulgar and atrocious to the hilt. It is a classic. I am glad I read it as it always had enough action going on at all times. The best thing about the novel is that it never runs short to beat the unbeatable, to make them suffer and feel the pain and to teach them lessons once in a while. For that is what makes The Godfather a novel to cherish.