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Off Limits: Nitty Gritty series (Volume 2)

Off Limits: Nitty Gritty Series - Renee Pace I chose to read and review Off Limits because I wanted a taste of hardcore realistic fiction and that's exactly what I got. Off Limits is not the usual contemporary YA, it's serious and makes one think. Moreover, the book offered something I don't usually read about so I am glad I read it.

I identified more with Megan than Lindsay maybe because I couldn't think of myself as someone who can allow someone else to treat me that way. So to say that Lindsay did have a choice in the matter but she was too scared to go through with it would be correct. Also, ignorance is bliss so thinking about it not happening to her and detaching herself from it probably did the work. Yet, I found the whole situation to be absolutely horrifying.

Megan, on the other hand, is stronger than Lindsay. She stands up for herself and is smarter than anyone would know her to be. Sure she keeps to herself and know she that getting good grades is far more important than any social life in the Prep school. She's got her insecurities all right and knows much more about rape and molestation than Lindsay could ever know.

Therefore, Megan and Lindsay are more alike than any of the girls they associate with. They can help each other see the good in the other. I just didn't like it when Lindsay chose to ignore Megan and refused to actually see what she is all about. But I was glad when she agreed to help Peter and come out of her comfort zone.

By the end of the book, both Megan and Lindsay went through change. They matured in more ways than one. I was engrossed in the book and got sad when it ended all too suddenly. I hope I get to know more about what happened to Megan and Lindsay in future.