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ExtraNormal: A Paranormal Romance: Book One

ExtraNormal  - Suze Reese ExtraNormal is a book that I had been waiting to read for a long time now. I finally got to read it and to say that it was awesome would be an understatement. It was infinitely better. I took my time writing this review and talking about things I really, really liked in ExtraNormal. So here I go.

ExtraNormal jumped right into the story from the first page. Mira is an alien from the planet Nreim which is exactly like Earth, the differences being in their far advanced technology and a permanent improvment in their genetics and food. She was selected out of 603 other applicants to go on a mission to observe the Alisons high school teachers and married. Mira is to report on them and to work on the doubts the Council has regarding them.

Everything is provided for by the Council and her Mom, being a part of the government, is sent with Mira on another mission. Mira does not have any knowhow of how cell phones work and why does she find cafeteria food to be highly palatable. She makes friends in school and eight years old Becca, her neighbor, is thrust upon her quite suddenly.

Then there is Jesse, the boy who stuck in Mira's mind on her first day in Loc Robles High School. However, Mira is prohibited to interact with any males on earth for reasons she doesn't understand. That doesn't really matter because she smells disgusting odor when she is around males anyway. But Jesse is different, deep and interesting. One of the things I really liked about him was how he he clearly disliked sneaking around with Mira.

Everett is a very disturbing character as much as Alisons are creepy. He is ruthless and reeks of hatred for Mira. As time progresses, Mira knows that she has something bigger on her hands than she could ever imagine. And when her Dad arrives to Earth, she just knows she has a very limited time to uncover the truth and not leave Jesse behind.

Being a story involving aliens, ExtraNormal is a little hard to understand with all the technology regarding electromagnetic fields, being able to sense the emotions of other people and Mira's ability to stream with Geery, her BFF, back on Neirm. Their relationships work in a very different way than on Earth. The people on Neirm are linked in their 20s and then they undergo a permanent repatterning in their magnetic fields. Meaning that when her Mom is away from Dad, their Em-fields change and may be fatal if went on for a long time.

So when Mira finds herself being linked to Jesse she is beyond confused as the concept is incomprehensible. The love she feels emanating from him is unlike any other emotion she has witnessed and it makes her feel divine bliss. I really liked Jesse, he is a very sweet, under-valued and mysterious protagonist. The only thing I didn't like was how he followed Mira from school to see that she gets home safely. But otherwise, he is a very lovable character; strong-willed yet soft.

The story of ExtraNormal is very interesting and I loved how it progressed. The pace was perfect and the world building took me on a ride and left me breathless. The concept behind ExtraNormal is extremely innovative and highly interesting to read about. Suze Reese is a genius for creating the world of Mira and Jesse. In other words, I simply loved ExtraNormal.