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Zombie Queen of Newbury High

Zombie Queen of Newbury High - Amanda Ashby Zombie Queen of Newbury High is one of those books which makes the reader laugh, but is forgettable. First off, the characters of Mia and Candice doesn't really go through much development apart from the whole beating-the-odds scenario. The book is rather short and things always seem to be rushing through.

Candice, the quirky BFF, is a hypochondriac and has a habit of going to a place where a woman sells natural medicine. Candice takes Mia to that place just so Mia doesn't lose Rob before prom. Things go awry from there on. The whole fattening-up-the-zombie-queen was a pretty hilarious situation with Mia getting all types of candies and snacks.

What annoyed me about this book was that all of the seniors didn't behave like they were 18-years-old. The dialogue between them was petty and too unlikely that it could only be laughed at. Yeah, prom is a huge deal for high school seniors, but even though Mia knew how typical she was being, she decided to carry on with it. It is safe to say that the whole story revolved around Mia fixing the catastrophic situation just so she could happily attend prom.

Moving on to Chase. What a guy! Sure Chase is someone who never gets angry, is always considerate and what not. But seriously, he sounded more like someone from an adult contemporary romance novel with a little bit of seduction thrown in. He didn't even resemble an 18-year-old boy, let alone someone supposedly at the peak of raging hormones. It is safe to say that Rob and Chase were poles apart and not in the way appropriate for lead characters in a book geared towards teenagers.

Overall, the Paranormal Containment thing was seriously lacking and there were some major flaws within the story line. There were some parts which were just waved away casually in the end and the whole zombie situation though full of humor, seemed to lack something. Nevertheless, I had a few laughs while reading it. The title, Zombie Queen of Newbury High, is nothing short of intrigue, anyway.