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Black Satin [Pretty in Black #2] (Pretty in Black Series)

Black Satin [Pretty in Black #2] (Pretty in Black Series) - Rae Hachton As it usually is with sequels, Black Satin delves deeper into the world of Nevermore: the evermores, the Corvidae hunters and the Gargoyles. It explored more despite being more fast paced and with more action. Ellie gets to know more of her past; meets people who know more about the land of Nevermore and the Land of the Naught (Gargoyle's residence) and uncover the mystery surrounding her life.

Ellie, being a mature protagonist, knows that she has to move on somehow now that Marcus has disappeared from her life. But she also knows that despite having her family the way it was before everything turned ugly will never be enough. She tries anyway.

Enter Walter, the new student, who is instantly attracted to Ellie, is devastatingly good looking and have an air of mystery surrounding him. This is where the story gets off-track. I personally think the story could have easily moved forward even without Walter. It just complicated things and as for the role Walter played, that could have been fulfilled by Fifi. The reason I am saying this is because being as feisty and smart as Ellie is, the more quickly Walter fell for Ellie. In fact, it was insta-love for them. I think it made Black Satin a somewhat ordinary story.

However, I saw Ellie grow in Black Satin even though she seemed to neglect her family for Marcus which is understandable but not to the extent that Ellie went to. The dream sequence scene where Ellie dreams of clocks is visually simulating scene and I was entranced. Walter, on the other hand, is a character who is capable of competing with Marcus for Ellie; he has that factor.

Marcus was absent from most of Black Satin. At the start of the book, there is a chapter that narrates the scene from Marcus' point of view when Ellie and Marcus first meet in the cemetery. I found it to be a pleasant addition as it provided me with a much needed insight on the character of Marcus.

In all, Black Satin is an interesting read and I would be continuing the story to its last quartet. The rituals of the Nevermores, the journey of Ellie to the Land of the Naught and finally, the race against time to get to Marcus before he passes over during the Risorgimento ceremony is what Black Satin is all about. The spunk Ellie has is very likable and I look forward to reading more from Rae Hachton.