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Butterface - Gwen Hayes Butterface is a novella which doesn't really make any sense to me. Blame it on the pointlessness of the story or the main characters who are poles apart. To be honest, I think the story was just shy of shallow.

First off, I don't think having a couple of scars on one's face and a somewhat rigid jawline makes anyone a butterface. Sure, she couldn't have been as pretty as girls in books usually are, but that shouldn't be the reason to make her feel that much inferior. What I mean is that she had had surgery and even though she remains the butt of jokes for the ignorant; she is better off than she was ever before. Needless to say, I had some serious issues with the whole butterface thing considering she was portrayed as a mature protagonist.

For the part of Lucky, the guy, it was just kind of weird how things ended for him. I mean am I supposed to take it and be okay with it? I don't think so. The way he was attracted to Beth was pretty ridiculous considering the circumstances. It is just very hard to believe that he was as tied down as it was implied. Yeah, bullying is very much a social issue to be dealt with; but to me, the guy had more trivial issues than the girl herself.

However, what I did like about Butterface is the ending when Beth finally realizes what she has the power to do instead of worrying about her appearance all the time. Still, Lucky left me feeling angry at him because of how things turned out for him at the end. So yeah, the novella was just okay, nothing great and pretty much forgettable.