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Falling Under

Falling Under - Gwen Hayes Falling Under is a tale of love intertwined by sinister forces; it is ghastly but beautiful in its characters, dialogue, and scenery. The first line of the book made me a little uncomfortable to continue because when does ever a burning man has fallen from the sky? I continued reading, thinking that it bound to have an explanation later.

The contradicting views of Theia and Haden regarding controlling their core selves were intense and hair-raising. Such gory details and luridness is hard to imagine but that is an essential part of making Falling Under what it is.

The weird dreams that occur are mildly confusing but intriguing at the same time and the characters of Donny, Amelia, Gabe and Varnie make the diabolical seem less insane. The nightmarish story have equally emotional and apathetic parts and toward the end of the book it was a fine turnout of events. Falling Under is a great start to an unearthly trilogy and the cliffhanger is more than acceptable.