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Beastly Movie Tie-in Edition

Beastly - Alex Flinn Beastly is truly one of a kind novel. It is funny yet sarcastic and sad. The witty, snarky dialog, the whole curse situation, the inclusion of classic literature from Shakespeare's Sonnets to Jane Eyre to Frankenstein; it was a hell of an enjoyable read! I didn't know what to expect from the book besides the fact that I wanted to read it before watching the movie adaptation.

I got everything out of it. Though, I'd say, it was true to its teenage target audience by being somewhat teenage-ish yet it had its moments. I loved the characters of Will, Magda and even mean Kyle. As Adrian, he gave a completely different feel to the character. Moreover, the focus was more on the beast-like features than the ugliness of it.

It didn't take me much time to finish the book, I was well engrossed in it anyway. From one extreme of beauty to another extreme of ugliness, this tale is about finding the value of beauty and not only using it as a tool. Yeah, the theme's similar to Beauty and the Beast, but every book has something different to offer to the reader so I am not that keen on the similarities between them.

The character of Lindy could have very well been sidetracked by the number of clich├ęs Alex Flinn managed to divert her from. Even then, the mellowness and the childlike 'jumping up and down' only added to the liveliness of her character.

My only problem with the book was that the 16 year olds protagonists were a bit too young for such a book. But I liked the story a lot; it was refreshing, hilarious and taught stuff about morality. I had fun reading about the theme of the darkness in his life and the touch of reality to all of it. I never really thought I'd like this book; I did and I am glad to do so.