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Kat Scratch Fever (Kat Colorado Mysteries)

Kat Scratch Fever (Kat Colorado Mysteries) - Karen Kijewski It was my first Karen Kijewski and Kat Colorado book and I loved it! Kat Colorado's personality is depicted so realistically that it leaves no doubt that it is actually fiction that is being read. Her thoughts and reflections are so human and at times, philosophical and with mistakes that I thoroughly enjoyed reading her exploits as a PI.

Randolph's secret behind the suicide is truly a masterpiece of a plot and I admired the way the extortionist worked. It was truly refreshing to read about a blackmail plot that didn't involve personal financial gain; but, instead was built on a twisted principle.

Karen Kijewski has a rare streak of talent that I first came to admire in Sidney Sheldon. I like female protagonists who can stand up and accept their mistakes and are dynamic personalities who let themselves go in pursuit of their passion. Way to go, Kat Colorado!