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Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise - Simone Elkeles The ending of Leaving Paradise, although justified, left me in some shock because it was Maggie's plan to leave and Caleb's to stay but the opposite happened. Return to Paradise starts from Caleb sitting in jail again 'cause of a drug bust with a menacing promise of being thrown into an adult jail.

Fortunately for him, his counselor is called who tells him to join a RE-Start group who travels to campuses in Mid-West telling their stories of reckless driving to the students. Running out of options, Caleb agrees only to find his luck running out on finding that one of the group members is none other than Maggie. While, the other four are just plain crazy.

Maggie is angry, hurt and confused when she sees Caleb after 8 months since he left home with no trace. From there starts a journey in which Caleb tries no act like he doesn't give a damn about Maggie. But all Maggie wants is to get Caleb back to Paradise and patch things up with his family. And maybe just give them one more chance.

Emotions run high when she dares him to tell the truth of the night of the accident and Damon is clued in a little bit. Refusing to tell who really hit Maggie, Caleb tries to run away. But he is caught by Damon who is clued in on his whereabout by Maggie who runs with him.

After the emotionally draining RE-Start program ends, Caleb decides to go back to Paradise. He is not welcome there, even his room has been changed into an office. It's like he never existed. And although Maggie only has two weeks left before she goes to Spain (yes, again Spain), Caleb wants to give them a chance. To hell with their families.

Return to Paradise is a book that finishes what started in Leaving Paradise. It left me feeling satisfied about how things finally turns out for Caleb, Maggie and their families. Simone Elkeles is offcially my latest favorite author!