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Groom Came Back (Special Moments)

The Groom Came Back (Special Moments) - Abby Gaines What really got me into reading this book was the number of pages and the storyline; exactly in that order! It was a very strange book and in more ways than one. First, the whole attitude of the 'bride' was too childish and the 'groom' was actually liking it. The love part was also rubbish in the sense that not all relationships develop on the basis of hate.

Can we be realistic here?

Moreover, the whole Lucy fiasco was just plain rubbish. Who does that? That was my first time reading about people dealing with a grave situation in such an unsophisticated manner. No real pain of loss there.

The aspects regarding there marriage were tangible but that was that. What they did with it was just plain stupidity. He did run away yet not to the point of never coming back. And here I thought doctors were hot stuff...