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Last Breath

Last Breath - Michael Prescott The thing about reading murder mysteries is that one get to know all the knick knacks of the game, which justs add to the beauty of the story. Last Breath had a slightly different storyline than other novels in the same genre; but, I am not complaining. I like how the story is intertwined in more ways than one. Michael Prescott portrays the personalities of the characters just perfectly. Realistic but not too shabby to steal away the focus from the protagonists.

Reading about the views of a killer made me realize that there can be a more reasonable side to killing; rather than just for the joy of it. White hot rage combined with searing hate and a dash of suspense makes Last Breath a good read. It wasn't as thrilling as I would've liked it to be but that was the style of writing it, I guess. If given a chance, I would read more from Michael Prescott!