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Line of Scrimmage

Line of Scrimmage - Marie Force For a debut, no doubt, Line of Scrimmage is a good way to go. No, a great way to introduce yourself to the readers. I have read books where the build up starts when the sports guy see the girl and this was something like the opposite of that and definitely new.

The drama was just too great. I loved both the main characters very much but I wish there was a lot less crying on the part of the female. Plus, the cover implies all sorts of the dumb jock story; so it would have been better if that wasn't so.

Back to the story, I loved the initial scene and even the character of Henry, a '70 year old in the body of a 30 year old' struck true about him. However, what I really loved about this book was that it went on even when things seemed to be fine; only to go wrong, but you get the point.

All in all, it is a feel good book with lots of emotion wrapped into it and is definitely like a breath of freshest air. Kudos to Marie Force!