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Jane Eyre (Dover Thrift Editions)

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë On the whole, Jane Eyre is an intriguing and dramatic novel; though, I found it a bit bland at times. I had difficulty in continuing, merely because it seemed to jump from one occasion to another without any such consequences. It did, however, evolved feelings of tranquility on several occasions.

I liked the whole concept of the book from the cruel childhood to the encounter with the Rivers family. I admired the protagonists at certain crucial places in the story. First, when she finally gathered enough courage to give a defiant reply to Mrs Reed, her meetings with Mr Rochester during tea time and the time she met with Hannah at the door.

The most beautiful scene was when Jane Eyre lay in cot with Helen Burns; it was the best example of empathy. The intense words used to narrate her encounter with the eerie supernatural calling which makes her go after Mr Rochester.

Jane Eyre is nothing short on story and I liked how her thoughts formed, her courage and her sense of equality. I liked the whole persona she represented from musing about Grace Poole to going back to Gateshead for the last time. It is a great classic to be read and not to be forgotten soon enough.