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The Appeal: A Novel

The Appeal: A Novel - John Grisham The Appeal was my first law-related book by John Grisham. I bought it like more than a year ago but never felt like I was ready to read it. Anyhow, I wasn't disappointed with the book when I finished reading it. 'Course I had figured it out what exactly is going to happen; it was the way it was going to happen had me reading the book.

The theory was simple yet effective and the book had all but one interesting point. It wasn't as thrilling as I supposed it to be and at times, it felt like the book was talking too much about the difficulties associated with the Bowmore case.

Moreover, I am not that aware of the US judicial system and although, this book was a great insight in to it; I was still enraged at the allowance of hunting and gun owning as something to take so casually.

John Grisham wrote a good book and even though, at times I found it dragging; it was true in the sense that it was reflecting the worst that could happen in such matters.