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Seaweed (Volume 1)

Seaweed - Elle Strauss Seaweed is a very fast-paced, cute and quick read. Eastcove is as far away from anything exciting as possible. But that is soon over when Dori meets Tor on the beach. And then he takes off rather abruptly and mysteriously. This ends up starting a trail of events in which Dori has the front seat.

Dori is a swimmer and a competitive one at that, her competition being with Colby who has a crush on her. Dori wants out of Eastcove and a swimming scholarship is the only way, really. But lately, her legs are getting itchy and gets an unattractive shade of red whenever she swims. Also, there is a weird clump of pimples behind her ears and random bruising.

As time passes, Dori and Tor find themselves spending time with each other more and more. But things take an unexpected when Tor has to leave Eastcove to be with his family because of some approaching danger. Dori is devastated and tries to cope. However, when another new boy, Riley, starts taking interest in her, she figures it's a good way to get her mind of off Tor. But things are bound to get more complicated.

In all, Seaweed is a great read for summer. It is definitely set apart in the paranormal aspect being my first book reading about it. I enjoyed it and it took me a couple of hours to finish it. The world-building in the book is creative and I really enjoyed reading about Tor's way of living. The ending does leave space for another book and if there is a sequel, I'd like to know what's in store for Dori.