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Shallow (A Going Under Novel #2)

Shallow  - Georgia Cates Shallow introduced me to two great main characters and while, I am glad I got a chance to read it, it falls short slightly. Payton wants her ever after but she doesn't want to get hurt after the whole Cooper fiasco. So until someone better comes along, she's stuck between Mom and Dad aka Claire and Jessie.

However, Payton does not take anyone's bullshit and she knows how to put people in their places. In short, she's simply badass. So when Nick aka Hawke takes a fancy to her and uses every trick in the book to impress her, all she feels is bored.

Nicks work has just begin though, he tries out other routes to get to her because she has the power to unnerve him and make him nervous. Something no other girl has ever done before. So it's natural for Nick to have a need to get close to her.

It's surprising because even Jessie was not this much of a man-whore but it all really fits together because Payton is exactly the kind of girl Nick would fall for. And fall he does. But things are not as simple and story goes deeper than just their relationship affecting them in serious ways.

So while it's true that one wouldn't peg a womanizer of the first degree to have a journal; it's also unbelievable and slightly ridiculous. I warmed up to the idea but the content stumped me. And this was where the story went into a strange way for me.

In all, I just really think that Shallow started out as a great read, a book I might have liked more than Going Under. But as the story progressed, it eventually went downhill for me and I was kind of ready for it to end when that happened. I'm not saying to not read Shallow, definitely do. I'm just saying it could have had a follow-up to the ending.