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Remember Me?: A Novel

Remember Me?: A Novel - Sophie Kinsella I started reading Remember Me? when I had practically nothing to do and I did not expect it to be such a light read. It was probably because I though it to be one of those typical girl-losses-memory-gains-it-back story. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

First off, the opening of the book, where Lexi wakes up in the hospital room had a very impersonal feel to it. Even when her husband comes in to meet her, all of it feels just too perfunctory.

Lexi has no idea how she went from living in a shabby apartment with shallow roommates to a house where everything is top class. She even owns virtual pet. Although, she can't seem to figure out why would she choose a spider. And the just about everything, from dinner parties to the organic food, is alien to Lexi. It's like she got a second chance to see how cold she had become in those three years of her life; that sadly she cannot even remember.

Then there was this architect who kept staring at Lexi from afar. He seems to have a secret for Lexi and Lexi is not at all ready to believe it. But then things aren't as perfect as they are and Lexi has to face facts. Will she be able to do justice to herself?

Remember Me? has a light atmosphere around it although the whole premise is pretty serious. I really like the ending and in all, it was a mysterious read in the sense that as to how Lexi actually got to where she is without even knowing herself anymore. One of my favorite chicklit reads!