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ReAwakened (Angel Creek, Book Two)

ReAwakened (Angel Creek, Book Two) - Ada Adams What do you call a book that has a bit of everything? I call it a book by Ada Adams. If someone knows how to write a better book than ReVamped, it's her. Not that ReVamped didn't rock, it totally did. But ReAwakened is something else entirely. We get to see more of the Misfits, the mysterious Razor and discover more things about Dawn's past. Not to forget the hot Dawn and Sebastian kissing scenes which were somewhat frustrating because it wasn't really like they were a couple. Or are they? Ha ha.

First off, I really like the growth in Dawn's character. At the beginning of the book, she's sorting out her feelings and grieving the recent tragic events of ReVamped. But the town of Angel Creek has a habit of attracting trouble and Dawn always has the urge to fight it. I love how her mind works. She is not a damsel in distress in need of a savior. Dawn is big on self-reliance and it is so good to see her in action. Two books in and I haven't found a single bad thing about her. She shines through the darkest of times, is easily annoyed which is adorable and has the best of comebacks ever.

It's not easy being the vampire who harbors such a deep attraction towards Sebastian when there are sinister forces at work trying to mess with Dawn's head. But ever the brave, Dawn is not ready to succumb to the power trying to take over. Unable to confide in anyone, Dawn tries to get back to a normal life. That turns out to be hard when her feelings are all jumbled up and pain seems to be seeping through the dark corners of her mind.

Sebastian has his own past to deal with and with a sudden danger looming, he disappears leaving no trace behind. Dawn is left with no choice but to engage the Misfits in training harder than ever before. The Misfits have also gone through a change especially Hunter. There are vivid action sequences in ReAwakened which really brings out the fighter in each of the Misfits. Brooke tries to change her perspective on life while Seth is finally accepting himself as a vampire. Sophie goes through a big change due to a revelation which totally shocked me. We also get to see a different side of Hunter and his story which was absolutely engrossing. Ethan has his hands full with looking after his mother but we do get to see him and his jovial nature.

ReAwakened has characters who stir something inside of you and their different ways of dealing with pain gets to you. I can't even begin to describe all the laughs I had reading scenes that had Razor in them. Razor is truly a world apart and a great addition to the series. There are also characters that return, villains that are more evil and a lot of suspense that will engage the reader entirely.

Every chapter seemed to be building up to something big and boy, did that deliver! I like my books to be unpredictable and there were things that had me jumping up and down and others that left my mouth hanging. The ending of ReAwakened really opened up a whole new range of possibilities. It's not exactly a fairy tale ending but I would just say that it fits perfectly well with the theme of the book. I don't like the waiting part for books in series but with ReAwakened I got to say, it was totally worth the wait.