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Focus (The Crescent Chronicles, #2) - Alyssa Rose Ivy Focus begins a little after the events of Flight as Allie and Hailey are settling in Tulane as freshmen. It felt good to be treated to Allie's feistiness again and see her stand up for herself. However, as normal as she'd like her college life to be, it isn't surprising to see Hailey, Owen, Jared and even Levi accompanying her to classes. At first Allie thinks it's just a Pterons thing but things are much more serious than Levi let on.As Allie is transitioning into her college and dorm life and making new friends, Levi is hard at work trying to make up to her. But Allie's indecisiveness is as apparent as it was in Flight. It's actually relieving to know where it's coming from because we know it's not that Allie doesn't want to be with Levi. She needs time and Levi respects that even though he keeps trying.What I really like about Focus is how Levi and Allie work on their relationship. As a reader, you get that they belong with each other but it's not easy to guess how they're going to work out the kinks. It's obvious that Levi is a control freak and possessive as hell. But then Allie is hotheaded and stubborn like anything. So it gets really interesting to read about the sexual tension as well as their little arguments.Focus gives more insight into the secondary characters as well and it felt good to know more about Jared and Owen. Allie's and Hailey's friendship also deepens more but I was sad when Jess didn't make much of an appearance. However, it is understandable because both of them have started college in different states. Allie knows she's in for good but is having a hard time as any so she immerses herself in her study. Allie also attends a few meetings of The Society and gets to see more of the hierarchy, even though she doesn't truly understand its dynamics or her role in it.Focus moved at a regular pace; though at times I found myself wishing that things would get more exciting somehow. It isn't that there isn't much action, but it has more to do with the fact that even though there is an underlying buzz that Pterons are being threatened; it's more of the same. Though I will admit, Focus is much hotter than I was expecting it to be. There's a lot of teasing going on and we get to see a sexier side of Allie, too. Focus ends in a much similar way to Flight meaning pretty unexpectedly but it left me wanting more because it was a pretty unpredictable end. Found has to be an earth-shattering end to a remarkable series. I look forward to reading it!