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Little Earthquakes - Jennifer Weiner Little Earthquakes started with Lia who has come home leaving her husband and the glamorous life in Hollywood behind. She is not ready to fess up anything to her mother or anyone else and thinks about what happened as her fault. Then there is Kelly, Becky and Ayinde who meet in a prenatal yoga class and then Ayinde's water breaks from where Kelly and Becky take her to the hospital.Becky is very happily married but then there is the issue of her mother-in-law Mimi who has the annoying habit of wanting to talk to Becky all the time. On the other hand, Kelly's husband goes through mid-life crisis smack middle during her pregnancy and labor which puts a lot of strain on her. Ayinde's story is a bit scandalous with her husband cheating on her while she's pregnant; but it is dealt with justification.In all, these four women become a bright spot in each others' day and can unload their problems onto each other. It is a story about coming to terms with one's body and life changes that pregnancy and babies bring about. It is a journey into motherhood, its demands and joys. I really liked Lia and Becky's story a lot and I enjoyed reading Little Earthquakes a lot.