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Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice is such a novel which is much about human nature and all of the elements concerned with it. The synopsis of the novel never encouraged me to read it and even after I started reading it; I was never much encouraged to go on. Mainly because of the vanity and trivial liveliness of Mrs. Bennet. But I resolved myself to read it once and for all.

One thing that eventually helped me in enjoying the narrative is the passage which describes the differences in 'being vain' and 'vanity and the contradictory elaboration of the terms 'pride' and 'prejudice.' I have always wondered why one of the most acclaimed classic literature is titled so. The explanation gave me insight and encouraged me to go on in the hope that they will be overcome or eventually disposed off.

There are some chapters especially those concerning Mr. Collins and Mr. Wickham which were frivolously stretched on. The character of Elizabeth Bennet displayed a very acute sense of conscience and wit. Her role in the novel is, by far, the most rooted and practical. Jane Bennet comes a close second, for her weakness of being unable to believe any bad thing about others gets old after some time.

Mr. Darcy turned out to be of a very confounding disposition, but I was pleased at the eventual turn of the events. This romance, like any other modern romance, is rooted in misunderstanding. I can, very well, understand the circumstances due to the era in which the novel is set.

Jane Austen did succeed in entertaining me, but in all, Pride and Prejudice will be a somewhat cherished novel of the 1800s. I did not particularly find anything in Jane Austen's writing to become fond of except the unabashed use of wit. She did however, know much about human nature and I give her credit for it. This is what encouraged me to read Pride and Prejudice after a very disappointing experience I had with Sense and Sensibility.