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Until I Die (Revenants)

Until I Die - Amy Plum Die For Me is an enthralling book to read and it surprised me in many places. What really struck with me is the Parisian setting. I find Paris to be one of the most beautiful cities. And it is not every day that one gets to read a novel based on an ordinary class of people with no glam involved and in Paris. The art, the streets, the cafes and reading pastimes; it was all brilliant.

At first, I felt a lot in common with Kate's passion to read books. But as the story progressed, her character somehow felt too drab in comparison to Georgia and somewhat underdeveloped. I understand her need to grieve and to keep her distance from people, but there was a definite element of dismal whining involved, however slight.

Then there was Vincent. I got overwhelmed with his character and personality. Though, his slightly humbled attitude towards Kate felt undeserved and incredibly superfluous on more than one occasion. Reading about his life before and then as a revenant explained a lot about his initial glances towards Kate.

I always get a bit uncomfortable reading about a century or so old paranormal creature falling n love with a teenage girl. But, in Die For Me the ability of revenants to go back to their age and personality at the time of their original death, every time they die saving someone else, worked hugely in my favor. Kate and Vincent fit together perfectly for that one reason alone.

There was a nagging feeling throughout a pretty much violence free novel but again, those parts were so tactfully handled that I was relieved. Each of the kindred were charming characters in their own way and provided the much-needed humor in the book. Not that Vincent wasn't doing that.

Die For Me have a romantic touch to it and I enjoyed reading those parts. Much like most of the book, the ending was smooth. I am thankful that there was no cliffhanger. I read the ending without giving a thought to it, but now I realize that it didn't have any friction and included a cliché.

In all, I really liked Die For Me and I look forward to read Until I Die in the series. I hope that the character of Kate would not be as elusive and that more of her sassy side would be revealed. The vibes coming off from the book were pretty much like the ones I got when I finished reading Matched; albeit in an offhand manner.