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Always You

Always You - Shilpa Mudiganti Always You is a short entertaining read and I finished it in a few hours. What attracted me to Always You is the awesome cover with Eiffel Tower in the background which I just love! Moreover, the cover fits the story perfectly which I think is an important thing for any book.

From the beginning of Always You, it dives into the heart of the matter. Lyla has been hurt and deceived by Alex five years ago, but she still is unable to move on despite being engaged to another. She has decided to move back to Spain after her current project. But little did she know that she was to meet Alex again and what it would do to her. She wanted her last project to be memorable and boy, was it! Needless to say, she still has feelings for Alex as do Alex himself. But stubborn as she is, Lyla chooses to ignore those.

I fell in love with the character of Alex because he had so much to offer to the reader! Sensitive and down to earth, Alexander Knight is a character who is hot and caring at the same time. A Casanova for sure!

From then on, as Alex her boss and a business trip to New York and Paris on the schedule, it is a whirlwind ride into the world of second chances and how much damage can misunderstandings initiate. I really loved how the author has managed to integrate the whole concept by writing such a thought-provoking story.

I really enjoyed Always You and it is a really good debut by Shilpa Mudiganti. I will surely be looking forward to more books by the author!