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Something Like Fate

Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti I have been waiting to get my hands on Something Like Fate since I got to know that it is more or less similar to The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott, which I truly loved. It was good to read the book and I look forward to reading more by Susan Colasanti.

Provided that Something Like Fate had 17 years old protagonists, it rather had a 15-year-olds feelings attached to it. The way Susan Colasanti handled the feelings of Lani and Erin were inferior to that of Jason and Blake. Apart from that, I was really hoping for an ending that builds up slowly rather than a bolt of lighting type of ending.

However, I really liked the way the relationship between Lani and Jason develops. It is just so content and mutual that it all just seems to perfect. The whole insertion of Blake and Connor were also perfectly balanced within the book. It gave a singsong quality to the overall theme of the book.

Another refreshing addition to the book was the environmentalist side of Lani. It is really good to read about such people who care about the environment so intensely.

Overall, it had a little bit of fierce feeling missing from it. And it was kind of wrong for Lani to think that Erin has the power to control her life only 'cause she owes her. But then, to each his own.