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Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry Novels)

Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles Rules of Attraction was just right. I like the aggressiveness and subtleness in Carlos that wasn't present in Alex; even though they are very much alike. And in more ways than one. I like that Simone Elkeles decided to include Alex and Brittany throughout the book.

This book did not have the sexual tension and it wasn't as much breathtaking as Perfect Chemistry. Instead, it had a warm glow and was perfectly balanced in the department of thrills. There were heated scenes alright and they coordinated pretty well with Kiara's choice of apparel.

The slight feeling of wondering what was going to happen to Carlos was there alright. He possessed a need to control himself emotionally around people he cares about by giving them a hard time. Needless to say, I really liked the character of Carlos and his changing attitude towards Kiara was apparent to him only. The book was also pretty hilarious.

In all, this book has its own place and yes, while the originals would be hard to replace, I don't think there is a need. Rules of Attraction leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I am so looking forward to Chain Reaction as Luis is all too mellow to imagine what the youngest Fuentes would be up to!

P.S. I loved the cover of the book and the fact that there is a genuine story behind it is just awesome!