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My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century  - Rachel  Harris After turning the last page of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, my mouth agape and my mind going in a thousand different directions, I smiled. The book is a brilliant stroke of creativity. Rachel Harris knows how to put together a book saturated with history, laughs, romance and emotions.

Cat Crawford is full of surprises and such a delightful character to get to know. I have to admit, I had qualms about reading a book with a 15 year old protagonist. But Cat's clever insight and maturity removed all doubt about My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century being a fickle read from the first page in when Cat is actually on a plane.

I don't particularly enjoy historical fiction or time travel but who knew that the genre could be so much fun to read! I have been turned into a fan. Rachel Harris has a way with words, making them flow together that my eyes were flowing across the pages as fast as they could. I found myself getting lost in the sixteenth century, falling in love with Less, Cip, Lorenzo and even Aunt Francesca and Uncle Marco. I found myself getting angry at Antonia and then at Niccolo for being so, so- creeptastic!

Lorenzo is another character I felt wanting to read more about. He is a fittingly handsome Renaissance gentleman and extremely swoon-worthy at that. At first, everything about Lorenzo screamed that he will be a very bad influence for Cat. But I was proved wrong and the guy had a pretty sensitive side as well. And Lucas had me at the first wink, I was swooning right along with Cat.

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century is a light read but it does come with an emotional side. The vivid setting of the Renaissance along with the appreciation of the arts in the novel fascinated me to no end. I had been looking forward to read it ever since its first cover was revealed. Also, I just found out today that there will be a companion novel, A Tale of Two Centuries. The ending of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century has definitely left me wanting more!