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Flight: Book 1 of the Crescent Chronicles

Flight - Alyssa Rose Ivy Sometimes you have to take flight in life to explore the options you never knew you had. Allie would never think that let alone do. Her life is planned out to a tee but she is rather unaware of the fact. So Allie takes a leap before her life starts revolving around Princeton. The leap is a plane ride from New York to New Orleans for the whole summer.

Flight begins with Allie and her bestfriend, Jess on their way to New Orleans. As much as Jess can't get enough of guys, it definitely hasn't rubbed off on Allie and her decision to not get involved with the next guy she lays her eyes on or ever. But Levi sees her and he can really be an annoyingly stubborn guy when it comes to getting what he wants.

Allie has had enough of cheesy lines and clingy boyfriends but Levi is definitely not having that. Persuasion is his middle name and it doesn't hurt that Allie is undeniably attracted to him. Next thing I knew I wanted Allie to punch the guy as much as I wanted her to give him a chance. Levi turned out to be very temptingly good at being bad.

The paranormal element in the book is definitely something unique and enchanting. I was fast caught up in the electrified world Levi has to offer to Allie. It's nothing I have read before and I ended up enjoying it immensely. The secondary characters play their roles perfectly and I actually liked Hailey with her perky attitude towards life and her sudden adventurous spirit.

Flight is a fast-paced book and I was quickly fully absorbed in the story that I couldn't get enough of it. The ending was so unexpected that it took me a minute to realize that there are no pages left! An engrossingly rich book by Alyssa Rose Ivy you wouldn't want to miss reading. Also, that hot scene on the cover actually happens and it's pretty swoon-worthy! I need to read Focus. Now.