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Mercy - Jodi Picoult I knew about Jodi Picoult from her acclaimed book My Sister's Keeper and that played a big part in my attraction towards Mercy. The other half came from the book synopsis as it heightened my curiosity. Sadly, Mercy is probably the first and the last book I have read by Jodi Picoult. Especially the side story in the book had me enraged the whole time I was reading it.

You would ask why was that. Well, Cam was married and in love with his wife, still he sleeps with Mia, an assistant in his wife's flower shop. I liked James character and the fact that Allie, Cam's wife, sides with him instead. The mercy killing part of the book was justified. But I just can't figure out why was Mia in the book and why in the world does Allie forgives Cam.

Is that some twisted form of her unconditional love towards Cam or is it the fear that she cannot live without him. Or does she simply love him too much to forgive him? It was just heartbreaking for me to see that Alli doesn't find that much fault with all of it.

My favorite scenes were the ones which involved her selling Cam's clothes and that thing she does with the stain at the table. That was the single moment in the book when I felt that Cam's deception is like a stain on their life together. Still, I feel it was not justified at all.

Other than that, the part where James love is overridden by her wife's need to die is explored is thought-provoking. This is why I gave the book one star. Even their married life is shown to be much more joyous than Cam and Allie's. Mercy is a tragedy but it is not a fateful tragedy because Cam had a choice and in the light of everything, he chose wrong.